Shoebox Sunday 2019

Sunday 17th November 2019 was ‘’Shoebox Sunday’’ at Crediton Methodist Church when some 50 shoeboxes were brought to church to be blessed before being sent to International Aid – a charity known for Christian Compassion for a Hurting World.

International Aid Trust provides help as it collects, sorts and distributes millions of pounds of much needed humanitarian aid to places as varied as Albania , Ukraine, Liberia, Serbia, Romania, Sieria Leone, Mexico, Cuba, India and the Philippines.

Imagine a year without presents. For most of us in the UK this is almost unheard of. For some children in the poorer parts of the world the gift of a shoebox is a dream come true, or an answer to prayer. This is why International Aid Trust delivers shoeboxes throughout the year, not just at Christmas. It is likely to be the only gift they will receive that year. Shoeboxes are given to old people as well as children

A lorry will shortly be leaving Crediton packed with clothing, blankets and a large number of shoeboxes – not just the 50 but those made up throughout the year by members of Crediton Methodist Church. This will be the third lorry to leave Crediton this year.

Narrative - Bronwyn Nott
Photos - Hilary Everitt

Shoebox Services Nov 2019

Glenn Turner, 18/11/2019