International Aid Trust - Update 

Christian Compassion for a hurting world

John Wesley wrote - “Since God is invisible to our eyes, we are to serve God in our neighbour, which God receives as if done to himself in person, standing visibly before us”.

We have been actively involved with the mission of the International Aid Trust since 1986. The Charity enables delivery of aid and help to so many countries, as well as many organisations in the UK. Aid includes furniture, white goods, bedding, bicycles, sewing machines, medicines, clothing and so on.

Sierra Leone

2019 - IAT ContainerAnother container of aid was delivered in June. The Civil War and subsequent Ebola epidemic has taken its toll on the country, especially in the region of Lunghi where IAT is helping - the provision of a school for both Muslim and Christian children, provision of free school meals, a small hospital, a much needed midwife, an orphanage for children who have been left without parents because of Ebola, a church, two fresh water supplies and sponsorship for many families who are unable to work because of loss of limbs in the civil war. The Dorcas programme is very successful which teaches young women (and men) how to use a sewing machine, thus enabling them to have an income. A recently retired optician, his wife and other volunteers go regularly to Lunghi to provide eye clinic. The Rev Michael Fofanah and his wife Alice who look after this area, when asked “how are you?” reply - “we are very blessed!”. Their faith is an example to us all. Please pray for Sierra Leone’s Government initiative for the country to begin to grow rice.


A trailer has just been received full of aid. Much of this will go to the Prison Ministry team, the HIV/AIDS clinic and orphanages. Some years ago we visited the HIV/AIDS clinic and were so impressed with the Christian teaching there as well as healing with a high rate of success. Aid such as exercise equipment and musical instruments were also included in the trailer. Music plays a big part in orphanages, we also visited a blind school where music is so therapeutic. Spectacles are being distributed by the Vision Mission team.2019 - IAT Boxs


Recently IAT was able to facilitate a free medical camp where hundreds are given free treatment, as well as dental checks. A country with many problems and needs, IAT is playing its part in many ways.


Christian teaching is taking place in the high security prisons - setting prisoners ‘free’ in Christ. There is a great need for food and a trailer has recently been sent. The situation with the poor and sick is not good. Ailments include Aids, TB with very little medication. Two hospitals do not have fridges!

IAT Parcels
Can you help with :-

Cooking oil - knitted goods - pasta - rice and other dried food products - sewing machines in good working order - good quality clothes - spectacles - toiletries - flannel/sponge - toothpaste - soap - sanitary items??

On a personal note -

IAT Shoe BoxesThis year so far 200+ filled banana boxes + 85 smaller boxes, piles of blankets, duvets and coats and shoeboxes left our home in May. Since then we now have another 100+ boxes, piles of blankets/duvets, warm coats, curtains etc. these will be collected from our home during September, to free up our room BEFORE the ‘shoebox’ influx. THANK YOU to you all!!