Experience Easter

2019 - Experience Easter WalkChristians Together in Crediton marked Good Friday, 19th April, with a walk around the town, from the Roman Catholic Church to Crediton Congregational Church. At each stop along the way events from the last week of Jesus’ life were remembered, beginning with Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, surrounded by an excited crowd praising God and singing “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’ Moving on to Holy Cross and the Rectory Garden those gathered recalled how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and shared a last meal with his friends.

2019 - Experience Easter DoughJubilee Gardens became the Garden of Gethsemane as thought was given to Jesus praying alone, aware that he had been betrayed by one of his closest friends. From there the action moved to the Market Square, where an invitation was extended to ‘come and see the King of love … the purple rode and crown of thorns he wears.’

Prayers were written on paper crosses and hung on the trees to remain over the Easter weekend. As the narrative recalled how Jesus climbed the hill, so the procession went up the hill to the Congregational church. Here red ribbons were stretched over the crowd symbolising the blood of Christ shed on the first Good Friday.

2019 - Experience Easter RibboAs the morning drew to a close all present were reminded of the hope to be found in Christ as he rose again, anticipating the celebrations that would take place in the churches around the town on Easter Sunday.
2019 - Experience Easter Square

2019 - Experience Easter Water

2019 - Experience Easter Cross

Glenn Turner, 27/04/2019