The Turners’ 2019 Family Quiz Night

Thomas the TankThe hall was packed with tables of quizzers eagerly wondering what questions Peter and John had set to test their knowledge (or lack of it!) If their previous quiz was anything to go by, it might have been helpful to gen up on flags of obscure countries, stadium names of various football clubs or brand logos. But of course it’s always pot luck what comes up – quizzes are easy if you happen to know the answers, but baffling if it’s not your area of expertise! 
As John and Peter read out the questions, competitive instincts and friendly rivalry came to the fore. The obvious elation of a team when they knew they were right could not be disguised, but occasionally there were sighs of discernible despair when clearly no one had a clue as to what the answer might be! 
After several rounds there was an interval in proceedings while baked potatoes and hot dogs were served. At this stage Team ‘Boiled Eggheads’ (better known as ‘the Everitts’!) were ahead on points, though they had already played their joker and knew that opposing teams still had that potential advantage in hand. 
More rounds followed, then a welcome ‘ice cream and cake break’ and there was still everything to play for. ‘The Naughty Team At The Back’ had taken the lead, but then scores at the top changed as those with knowledge of deep sea fish, computer games and large mechanical devices gained an advantage. Final victory went to the ‘T-rexes’ team comprising Dan, Katie, Poppy, Ben, Ann & Julian. Presumably they excelled at identifying Apatosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Spinosaurus and others prehistoric creatures I’d never heard of in the dinosaur round. Well done!
So thank you, ‘Turner Family’ and helpers, for organising a great Quiz Night and in the process raising £150 to be split between the Francisco Rojas School in Peru, Edukid in Uganda and the Typhoon appeal. 

a T-Rexes winners
Top 5
Team Name Total
1st T-rexes 89.5
2nd The naughty table at the back 86
3rd Clueless 84
4th Team tortoise 77.5
5th The hand boiled egghead 76.5
5th The shooting stars  76.5