Ministers Of The Church

It has not been easy to compile a list of ministers who have served Crediton and the following is incomplete. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that for a long period we were served by ministers living in Exeter. At least we know that the last name on this list is correct.

1934-1937   G. Whitefield Luty
1936-1946  William Proctor
             (Mr. Proctor later became ‘District Missionary’ or District Chairman without pastoral charge)
1945-1951   J. Oswald Law
1951-1955   Leslie G. Farmer
1954-1957   Ronald Williamson, M.A.
             (the first to live in Crediton in the Manse on Belle Parade)
1957-1962   Gwynfor Davies
1962-1965   Alan R. James
1965-1970   C. Edgar Stephenson, M.A., B.D.
1970-1977   Reg C. Edmonds, B.D.
             (first to live in the present Manse)
1977-1982   Kenneth V. Hearn
1982-1987   Barbara M. Facey
1987-1990   I. Howard Rees, B.A.
1990-1997   Robert 0. Saunders, B.A.
1997-1998   David Plum
1998-1999   Shannon Hodge
1999-2005   Kevin Hooke
2005-2008   Barbara Calvert
2008-2010   David Gregory
2009-2010   Mark Gilborson
2010-Present  Ann Varker